Jura Margulis

Jura Margulis is a third generation pianist and pedagogue; born in Russia, raised in Germany, American by choice, European at heart. He divides his time between the McAllister endowed professorship for Piano at the J.W. Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences in Fayetteville, USA, and traveling internationally as a concert pianist, master teacher, and lecturer.

Internationally acclaimed as a multifaceted concert and recording artist, Margulis is praised for his “absolute authority”, “controlled obsession” (Fono Forum), “impulsive and contemplative aesthetics” (FAZ), and “effortless spontaneity” (Washington Post). “After the performance one fleetingly thinks of the pianists that became legends, but comparisons are impermissible. Margulis is a master sui generis (of his own kind).” (Salzburg Drehpunkt Kultur).

Jura Margulis’ orchestral appearances include performances with the Russian National Orchestra at the Hollywood Bowl and the Montreal Symphony Orchestra under Charles Dutoit. The past seasons have brought him to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Dallas, Cincinnati, Carmel, Austin, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Memphis, and New Orleans in the US, as well as abroad to Berlin, Freiburg, Elmau, Salzburg, Vienna, Warsaw, Bologna, Bruxelles, Bayreuth, Budapest, Bangkok, Barcelona, Madrid, Moscow, St.Petersburg, Seoul, Sapporo, Tokyo, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Aix-­‐en-­‐Provence, Tbilisi, Yerevan, and Lugano.

Margulis has recorded numerous CDs covering a wide spectrum of repertoire from Bach to Berg; over 50 titles from his CDs can be found on iTunes. His latest CDs include an all Liszt Piano/Violin Duo recording with his sister Alissa Margulis; a world premier recording of Berg’s ‘7 early songs’ and the original 20 songs version of Schumann’s Dichterliebe with Tenor Arnold Bezuyen; and a world premier recording on the MSP Steingraeber D-­‐232 with an all Schubert Con Sordino program. The MSP website states: “The Margulis Sordino Pedal is a quantum leap for the dynamic (sound volume) and spectral (sound color) expressive palette of the modern concert grand piano.”

Margulis is the artistic director of the Fulbright Concerto Competition, an international piano contest in the US, and the executive director of the International Piano Academy Freiburg, a summer master class and piano festival in Germany. Jura Margulis is regularly invited as a judge in international piano competitions, most recently in the ARD Music Competition in Munich. He is a founding member of the Margulis Family Trio with his sisters Alissa and Natalia and performs with Martha Argerich on two pianos in Germany, Japan, Switzerland, and the USA.

Jura Margulis is the host of PtoP,, a weblog of thoughts, observations, methodology, rules, exceptions, aphorisms, and secrets from pianist to pianist.

Margulis has two sons, Alexander and Nikolai, and in his leisure time tries to pursue superficial entertainment, literature, philosophy, history, poetry, jogging, whimsies, and social media with dignity.