International Piano Master Classes & Festival – Program
Master Classes – July 7th until July 17th 2024
Festival – June 21st until July 21st 2024
alto patrocínio Presidente Republica

What makes SIPO Piano Masterclasses so special?

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Since 1996, the SIPO master classes and festival are a landmark in the international music landscape. We welcome artists of exceptional reputation in the world of music.

Why should you enroll?

The master classes are unique as they offer you the possibility of working with one or more teachers who are present throughout the whole event. Moreover you can attend all classes, thus benefitting from a wide range of pedagogic and musical moments of rare quality enjoying a highly diversified festival program. Furthermore, the final audition of the participants is recorded and transmitted by the Portuguese classical radio and you can also win the Antena 2 / ACIM prize. The charm and hospitality of the medieval town of Óbidos also contribute to the success of this extraordinary cultural event.

Manuela Gouveia, Artistic Director
Master classes

Since 2011, the “Antena 2” prize is awarded by the classical Portuguese radio station Antena 2. As of 2019, the prize is a joint prize of Antena 2 and the organizer of SIPO, the Association of International Master Classes, ACIM, and has changed its name to „Prize Antena 2/ ACIM“.

It consists of one live recital performed within the Antena 2 “Open concerts“ series in Lisbon, recorded and transmitted by the radio station, two further recitals in different locations and a monetary prize worth 2000 €.

The prize is awarded by the public and the faculty of SIPO to the students whose artistic performance in the final concert of the master classes is considered to be outstanding. The winners of the Antena 2 Prize in 2023 are Anthony Ratinov (USA) and Ke Wang (China).

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The atmosphere of the masterclasses in this beautiful town is very unique.
The concert calendar is very diverse and colourful, great artists are invited to perform.
Students can apply to renowned teachers from all over the world and listen to all their classes, this way benefit much more then at a regular course.

Kati Gonda, Hungary

I was so delighted to have a great time in Obidos. I’ve learnt a lot from
my colleagues, masterclasses and also performance opportunity. Thank
you so much for everything.

Jiin Kim, China

I wanted to thank you again for the most amazing time in Obidos! I loved the whole thing and am so grateful for the opportunity of the broadcast on Antena 2! It was one of the best experiences I have had! The masterclasses were amazing and I learnt so much! And I found it very inspiring. I look forward to next years course!

Yasmine Rowe, UK

Acudí a la XXIII SIPO buscando una experiencia musical veraniega enriquecedora y me encontré con una experiencia VITAL inolvidable: la excelencia artística de todas las actividades organizadas por Manuela Gouveia y su equipo va acompañada de una calidad – y calidez humana que contribuyen a crear un clima de confianza en el que profesores y alumnos dan lo mejor de sí mismos.”

Nuria Díaz Mera, Spain

It was a very good experience. The teachers are fabulous, I learned a lot with them and that’s what is important for my future career as a pianist. I also enjoyed meeting participants from all over the world and made great friends.

Sara Guitiérrez, Spain

SIPO is way more than a masterclass: it’s a family and this is why it’s different. No other masterclass nor competition provided me such a quantity of high quality video materials in order to promote my career. I really owe SIPO a lot.

Lorenzo Pone, Italy

It’s the third time I participate in SIPO. I think it’s a great festival, very enriching. We meet people from all over the world and make many friends. It is very fortunate to be able to work with these great masters and in Óbidos, on top of all. I recommend the master classes to anyone who wants to achieve a good level.

André Piolanti, Portugal

This was my first time in Portugal and in Europe. I loved SIPO. It was my teacher who advised me to come and meet such talented teachers. This was a unique opportunity and well worth it. I learned a lot. Companionship was also very good and I adored Óbidos. The organization made every effort possible to provide us with an enjoyable stay.

Jason Drake, USA

I am extremely grateful for everything SIPO Festival made possible for me and many other musicians worldwide: masterclasses with renowned teachers, concerts of the highest quality, and a welcoming and inspiring environment within the beautiful town of Óbidos. Thank you!

Juan Pedro García, Spain

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