Sipo Junior 2023



APRIL 12TH - 15TH, 2023

10:00 – 13:00 | 14:30 – 17:30




Manuela Gouveia | Fausto Neves | Jonathan Ayerst


The Sipo Junior 2023 Days are organized by ACIM with the support of the Municipality.
It is a two-pronged Music Education project – Master Piano Classes and Improvisation Seminar.
They are intended for the further development and musical development of young piano students from 4th to 8th grade.

The master classes will be in charge of Professors Manuela Gouveia, Fausto Neves and Jonathan Ayerst. The piano master classes will take place in Óbidos, at the municipal auditorium of Óbidos. Classes will be held on-site. Time schedule: 10:00am to 01:00pm and 02:30pm to 05:30pm form April 12 – 15.

The master classes are public.
Students present at their choice the program they want to work on.
Active students will be awarded diplomas.

On April 15 at 5pm the students’ concert will take place at the municipal auditorium of Óbidos.


SIPO junior

APRIL 12TH - 15TH, 2023

Enrolments made until December 31st 2022: 120€

2x45m lessons – one class with each Prof.
Attendance to all classes
Attendance to the Seminar
Attendance at all concerts
1h daily study
Participation in the final concert – with the agreement of Profs.

SIPO JUNIOR Competition

Students can participate in the SIPO Junior competition. In addition to the repertoire prepared by the student, the best interpretation of Antonio Fragosos’ (Portuguese composer, 1897-1918) 1. Prelude (score in the link below) will receive a prize consisting of a free registration for the SIPO 2022 Summer Masterclasses.



The enrolment has to be made via the online form (prefered method) or using one of the offline enrolment forms (MS Word or OpenOffice/LibreOffice) and sending them to, along with a document issued by the bank proving that payment has been made. Please note that your enrolment will not be properly validated until full payment is confirmed.

Payment by cheque not accepted. In the event of your registration not being accepted due to lack of availability, your payment will be fully refunded.

The number of participants is limited. Applications will be open until 20 of March.

In case it is not possible to carry out the planned program due to the pandemic, the enrollment fees will be refunded in full.

The payment has to be effected via bank transfer to the account:

ACIM (Associação de Cursos de Música)

Caixa Geral de Depósitos, P-2510 Óbidos, Portugal

IBAN PT50 0035 0543 0000 3888 830 23


Bank transferal charges are not included in the enrolment fee and are the sole responsibility of the participants.

Please mention SIPO Junior and the name of the participant.

I. Enrolment

1.1 – The enrolment form must be sent along with the bank transfer receipt (PT50 0035 0543 0000 3888 830 23) to the Association of International Music Courses (ACIM), in the total amount of the enrolment.

1.2 – Enrolments will be accepted until April 7, 2023 if there are vacancies.

1.3 – The maximum number of enrolments for the realization of master classes is 10 participating students, with no limit for listeners. In the case of enrolments received after reaching the maximum number of vacancies, the organization will reimburse payments made.

II. Operational issues

2.1 – Professor Manuela Gouveia is in charge of the artistic direction of SIPO.

2.2 –
The master classes will be held in Óbidos, at the municipal auditorium of Óbidos.

2.3 –
 The master classes will take place at the dates indicated and according to the pre-established time schedules between ACIM and the students.

2.4 –
 Within the set time the teacher will organize the class.

2.5 –
Accommodation, breakfast and lunch will be the responsibility of each student.

2.6 – Participants and listeners who participate in all activities will receive a certificate attesting their participation in the master classes.

2.7 – The participants have the possibility to perform in the final concerts of the master classes according to the indications of the teachers.

2.8 – The registration includes 2 individual classes with each teacher of the faculty.

2.9 –
 Participants must bring clean and reliable source scores from the works they intend to work with the teacher.

2.10 – Participants are entitled to 1 hour of study per day.

2.11 – Participants that cause material damage to the facilities where master classes take place or to other materials will have to assume the responsibility. If they are minors, their guardians will be made responsible.

2.12 – Master class participants are entitled to free entrance to the concerts.

III. Final dispositions

3.1 – Enrolment in the master classes presupposes the full acceptance of this regulation.

3.2 – The organization reserves the right to record sound, images or video of the activities of the master classes, so that the participants, when registering, waive any rights to such recordings.

3.3 – All cases not covered by this regulation will be decided by the organization.