Paul Badura Skoda

The International Piano Master Classes and Festival of Obidos – SIPO – say goodbye to Paul Badura-Skoda.

It was with great sadness that we received the news of the passing of the great pianist Paul Badura-Skoda, a cultured character with deep humanity and, not least, a faithful friend of SIPO for over two decades.

The wisdom, kindness, and deep knowledge of the musical cosmos of Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert, along with his incomparable piano interpretation made Paul Badura-Skoda the most noble veteran of Vienna’s classicism.

Although his last years were marked by a serious illness, with his unwillingness to give up his musical life, Paul lived the music in his own way until the end of his life.

The Association of International Music Courses and its President, pianist Manuela Gouveia, are grateful to have had the privilege of Paul Badura-Skoda’s collaboration since the beginning of the
International Piano Master Classes and Festival of Óbidos. In addition to being an exceptional artist and educator, Paul was a modest man, full of human warmth and subtle humor who has formed generations of pianists and leaves an extraordinary musical heritage for this world, which so much needs it.

Thank you Paul, for your long presence and friendship. You will always remain among us.